Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift Dragged Anew in New Controversy Involving Drake

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Tom Hiddleston was recently dragged into the rumored special relationship of Taylor Swift and Drake.

When the Tom Hiddleston-Taylor Swift relationship was confirmed a few months ago, it became a big, envy-inducing yet juicy celebrity tidbit. Now with rumors that the Grammy award-winning singer and Drake have hooked up, the public has mixed emotions.

It is widely known that Swift and Hiddleston recently just parted ways as a couple, so Swift being romantically linked to Drake so early after her much publicized falling out with the Thor: Ragnarok actor seems far-fetched. In Hollywood standards, it is possible, but the insane part of it was how Hiddleston’s name was dragged into the news about the new celebrity coupling.

Following claims that Drake and the Bad Blood singer are in the dating game came a report that Swift’s ex-boyfriend was “shocked” by the news. It went on to say that when Tom Hiddleston reportedly heard that Taylor Swift and Drake were close at the party, his jaw dropped in surprise. This was debunked by another media entity after getting confirmation that Hiddleston’s reaction was a complete fabrication by the webloid report.

Speculations of something non-platonic going on between Drizzy and Swift became rife during his 30th birthday party, when he introduced the country-pop singing superstar to the closest people in his life, including his mother. However, people in Drizzy and Swift’s camp have shut down the reports of a special union between the two.

The news of Tom Hiddleston’s response to the Taylor Swift-Drake coupling came at a time when the megawatt chart-topping superstar had stated that she prefers her dating life to be “less public” now. Not surprisingly, Swift has been linked to other Hollywood artists, notably Ben Affleck, which remains unconfirmed to date. Another Hollywood actor who is a close pal of Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, also shrugged off reports on The Night Manager actor’s supposed reaction to Swift’s new special friend.

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