Adele Opens Up About Having Postpartum Depression, Downside of Fame

Adele, depression
British singing sensation recently revealed in an interview that she had a bad case of postpartum depression.

English singer-songwriter Adele, 28, is noted for her soulful rendition of songs like her hit ballad Hello. Who would have thought that the famous singer, known to be so in command, enthralling, and comforting to fans once battled depression?

Described as “completely unflappable, completely her own woman” by a lifestyle magazine, Adele just uncovered her vulnerable side when she recalled in the interview how she had a bad case of postpartum depression. She went on to share how motherhood can create mixed sentiments — while she was striving to be a great mom, and feeling “inadequate,”she had less time and freedom for herself.

Apart from opening up about that stage in her life of feeling an immense love for her child, yet still wondering if she was doing a good job and feeling the depression set in, Adele also expressed her sentiments about going on tour. While she is devoted to her craft, the Hello singer said that she embarks on concert tours mainly to touch base with those who have been supportive of her. She also lamented the downside of fame, which is constantly being in the public eye.

Countless videos that have made the rounds of social networking sites show her, among other women in music, being highly adored by fans, and she noted that people probably like her a lot because she is happy with herself and not just because she is a non-conformist.

In another interview for a prestigious magazine, Adele underscored the importance of having a good social support system and along with that, a professional management team. The British singing sensation said that she shot to fame with the help of her manager Jomathan Dickins, who introduced her to the different facets of the entertainment business. The Golden Globe award-winning songbird said it tends to be “quite lonely just getting bigger and bigger,” but added that with everyone around her, it gets counteracted.

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