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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers: Human Target Appears as the Newest Hero to Join the Arrowverse

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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Episode 5 Spoilers: Human Target Appears as the Newest Hero to Join the Arrowverse

Arrow has been one ot the most watched show in the DC television universe. It is now on Season 5, and episode 5 spoilers tell us that there will be a new hero character for our master marksman to cooperate with: Human Target.

Season 5, Episode 5 of superhero TV series Arrow is aptly titled Human Target, referring to the new character in play and the alter ego of Christopher Chance. In the original DC comics, he is a private investigator who doubles as a bodyguard, and his main gig is that he assumes the identity of people who are targeted for assassination; hence the name.

Presumably, this is his way of catching up with assassins and other criminals that threatens the DC world. The spoilers have not revealed whether the television version of Human Target will be adapting this same back story for the appearance or not.

What has been confirmed is that he will still have his real name Christopher Chance, and he will be played by guest actor Wil Traval. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may remember Traval as the actor who played Will Simpson in the television adaptation of Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

The character initially appeared in Detective Comics #201. The comics was created by Edmond Hamilton and Sheldon Moldoff and was published November in 1953. However, that version of Human Target was named Fred Venable. The first appearance of the character bearing the name Christopher Chance was in Action Comics #419. This one was created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino and was published in December 1972.

The hero proved to be popular enough to have his own TV series on ABC and FOX in 1992 and 2010, respectively. Now, as Season 5, Episode 5 of Arrow airs Nov. 2 on The CW, spoilers confirm that the Arrow-verse is the next stop for the classic character.

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