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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Nov. 2 Spoilers: Ridge Versus Eric, Quinn; Zende Chooses Sasha Over Nicole

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It is going to be a chaotic Wednesday for the Forresters as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 2 reveal the growing rift that separates families and relationships.

Eric and Ridge goes into a heated confrontation. Will the two’s father-and-son relationship ever be mended as no one wants to back down? Meanwhile, Nicole stands with her decision as Zende flies to another woman’s comfort.

The Forrester clan is under a deep family drama based on The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 2. Eric, thanks to Wyatt’s heads up, learns about Ridge’s plan to overtake Forrester Creations. Of course, this knowledge angers Eric. He is surprised at how his own son can betray him like that. All Forresters will clam up which makes Eric think they are all in it together.

Ridge, to his own defense, points his finger at Quinn. He insists that it is all Quinn’s fault and he is only doing it to get Quinn out of the company. But is it really?

However, Quinn maintains that she is a changed woman. In fact, what “transformed” her is his “father’s love.” She adds that she will do anything to protect and support her husband.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 2 also reveal Nicole and Zende’s disagreement over Nicole’s surrogacy plans is taking a toll on their relationship. Zende feels like Nicole does not consider him in her plans and carrying a child for the second time is one big decision. He decides if she does not give any importance to him, he will just do whatever he pleases to cope up – even when that includes going on a trip with another woman.

To have some breather, he goes to a vacation in Hawaii with Sasha. How will Nicole take the news?

Maya will feel bad that her request causes a rift in Nicole’s personal life and relationship. She asks if Nicole still wants to do it. Nicole is firm that, without a doubt, she wants to give Lizzy a sibling to complete Maya’s family.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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