Brad Pitt Might Face Prosecution; Angelina Jolie Could ‘Beat Actor to Death’ As Child Abuse Investigations Extend

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Brad Pitt Child Abuse Investigations Extended; Angelina Jolie Could ‘Beat Actor to Death’?

Child abuse accusations against Brad Pitt have been one of the biggest talking points in her divorce from his wife of two years, Angelina Jolie. While at first, news seems to indicate that the case was getting nowhere, the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) have taken charge and said that they will be “extending” the investigations regarding the incident.

It started when Brad Pitt was apparently been abusive of his 15-year old son, Maddox, during an incident on a plane while they were taking a family trip. It was alleged that Pitt physically assaulted his son, which triggered Angelina Jolie. It was said that this was the “last straw” for her and decided to file the divorce.

While the incident was initially reported to the LA County DCFS, news tells us that the FBI has conducted their own investigations, as well. They have been reported to visit the children several times, interviewing potential witnesses that could shed further light into the issue.

When authorities decide that there is probable cause, they will write up reports and pass it to the District Attorney so they can decide if they will prosecute. It was expected that the investigations would conclude “soon.”

Meanwhile, former security adviser for the Pitt family Kris Herzog tells a different story. He claimed that Brad Pitt could never do that to his children. He said that first, because the actor was not “that kind of person,” and second, he believed that Jolie is capable of “beating the actor to death” if ever he did physically abuse to the children.

It has been also suggested that the child abuse was not the ultimate cause of the divorce. Pitt’s co-star in Allied Marion Cotillard has been dragged in the issue. There were also news saying that Pitt abused alcohol and drugs.

However, who gets to stay with whom will not be a matter in the outcome of the investigations. It was assured that it will not affect the ruling of the children’s custody between the actor and Angelina Jolie.

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