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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 2 Spoilers: Sam’s Delicate Pregnancy, Anna Takes Valentin’s Case

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Valentin’s return undoubtledly shook the citizens of Port Charles. In General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 2, the odds look like our characters are about to pick up some action once again.

General Hospital is up and running. Liz, who is the main reason for the majority (if not all) of Franco’s efforts to reopen the hospital, is back to work. She spots her sister Hayden but she is not there to visit her. Instead, she heads to see Finn.

Things did not end well the last the time the two talked but now, Hayden makes Finn know that she still has feelings for him and she wants him back as revealed in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 2.

In another side of the hospital, Franco confides to his bestfriend about his relationship worries. He knows he was not in his best behavior and let his jealousy take over him during the Halloween party in Metro Court. Franco wants to go in a deeper relationship with Liz and Liesl tells her friend that the only person who is a threat to that future is his own self.

Meanwhile in Mercy Hospital, Sam wakes up after experiencing cramps that is possibly caused by the stress of Valentin’s return which just proves how delicate her pregnancy is. As soon as she wakes up, she asks if the baby is fine. Jason reassures her that the odds are looking good.

Alexis is not handling the events that unfolded well. After succumbing to her drinking habits and experiencing its after effects, a visitor that causes the headache pays her a visit. Alexis is mad at Valentin for the things he caused, from shooting Nikolas to upsetting Sam, and makes it clear that his visit is not welcome.

Also in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 2, another character sees Valentin’s return as a threat and makes sure to protect her family. Anna, determined to protect Griffin and Charlotte, makes Valentin’s case her new assignment in WSB. She quickly acts on it by calling Dante to quiz him on all he knows about Valentin.

General Hospital airs from Monday to Friday on CBS.

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