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Google Android 7.1 Update Causes Connectivity Problems with Google Pixel and Pixel XL

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Google Android 7.1 Update Causes Connectivity Problems with Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The tech world was driven with anticipation when Google announced that they have developed their very own smartphone, Google Pixel. The tech giant has also made updates available for their phone with Google Android 7.1 like most Nexus devices, as well as a slew of other features. However, it appears that the Pixel is not without its own set of problems to begin with.

There were reports that the Pixel is having problems utilizing the Bluetooth capability since the update from 7.0 to 7.1, resulting in difficulties in paring with devices such as those headsets found in cars. The multinational company has not yet made their official announcement as to what is causing the issue.

Some speculated that the problem lies in Google Pixel and the subsequent product line, Pixel XL. However, the popular theory is that these problems are caused by the OS itself, Google Android 7.1, also dubbed “Nougat.” This latter theory stands to make more sense, as Nexus devices that operate on Nougat experiences issues not only with connectivity, but apparently with their batteries as well.

There have been tests proving this battery failure, showing how the Nexus just shuts itself down into a black screen after taking a few shots with the phone’s camera. In this state, it will become completely unresponsive, and will only resume operation after the user plugs it in the charger. The battery indicator would then appear, indicating that it is charging, at which point the user could press the power button to resume operation.

It has not been confirmed how widespread the issues are, and if all Nexus and Pixel users are affected. Google has not yet rolled out a fix as of the time of writing, but we can be sure that they have gotten a hold of the news and are working on a possible update. Meanwhile, it seems that those affected with the Google Android 7.1 update have no choice to wait for the time being.

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