Interesting New Character in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Comes from Planet Hulk Comic Book Arc

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`Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Taika Waititi recently shared the news that the upcoming film will include a character from the Planet Hulk storyline.

When Thor: Ragnarok wends its way to cinemas in late 2017, prepare to be mystified.  A new character from Planet Hulk comic book storyline has joined the Marvel heroes. The news was shared by director Taiko Waititi during a recent Facebook Live video.

Waititi was shown in the video referring to the sci-fi wasteland, or what looked like a junkyard with crashed ship and there were characters called Scrappers that he introduced to the Facebook video audiences.

The director also presented an actor named Steve, who will be portraying the role of Miek, an insectoid from planet Sakaar, and forced to flee underground when his hive was attacked during his younger years. The Thor: Ragnarok director’s revelation drew attention to the fact that the upcoming Thor movie differs from the comic book, since Miek will be human.

The Marvel cinematic universe truly keeps expanding. The high-grossing Doctor Strange flick starring Benedict Cumberbatch had the name of Thor: Ragnarok director in the post-credit scenes. For now, avid comic book enthusiasts and movie buffs can only hold their breath if, given the way the creative process is being handled, the Hulk as portrayed by Mark Ruffalo and Miek will eventually cross over to Avengers: Infinity War. To date, such news remains unconfirmed.

So far, the only spoilers coming out have something to do with the Hulk during his forced exile. The green superhero finds himself developing a friendship with Miek while in planet Skaar and engaging in gladiator fights, before heading back to earth followed by Miek.  Hulk’s arrival back to earth with his newfound “ally”marks how they will be dealing with the Illuminati. which is believed to have sent the Hulk into space.

As the Thor: Ragnarok film now includes new characters of cosmically bizarre powerful proportions, expect superheroes like Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange and the rest of the team to battle it out with evildoers. In the meantime, Marvel movie fanatics eagerly await more news about their favorite heroes.

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