Kate Middleton, Prince William Not Living Separate Lives; Princess Charlotte Being Used to Hide ‘Unhappy Marriage’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William Living Separate Lives? Couple Showcases Princess Charlotte to Hide ‘Unhappy Marriage’?

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William have been known to be one of the more prominent royals, but the rumors always paint them as the “laziest,” when it comes to fulfilling their royal duties. Recently, the two have been called out for “slowing down” their duties again. Other reports also claim that they are hiding an unhappy married life by showcasing their daughter, Princess Charlotte.

Kate Middleton has been heard once claiming that she will be raising their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte in a relatively “normal” environment. However, her daughter with Prince William has now been seen on various media appearances including being a cover of a magazine. The blurb offered an “inside look” on the life of the Princess.

On top of that, the people who cannot get enough of the Duchess of Cambridge seem to be as equally interested in her daughter. Everyone appears to want to know what the Princess’ favorites are, the latest news about her, and generally what kind of life she lives. It should be noted that Princess Charlotte is the first princess of an heir to the throne.

There have also been rumors of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being content with living their lives separate. It seems that Prince William has been mostly staying at the Kensington Palace, while the Duchess has been living in Anmer Hall with the two children.

Many suspect that this recent prominence of Princess Charlotte is a way of distracting the public so that unwanted attention would not be pointed toward their supposedly unhappy marriage.

Meanwhile, in more shocking news, Queen Elizabeth II has preferred to do away with the presence of Kate Middleton in an important ceremony. Instead, she had Camilla Parker-Bowles accompany her in Dorset, where Prince Philip gave a touching speech. Many thought this was intriguing, as it has been common knowledge that the Queen did not approve of Parker-Bowles in the past.

However, these are still just rumors and should be confirmed first. We remind readers to take them with a grain of salt.

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