Killer Clown Purge: Man Left in A Pool of Blood Caught in Video

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Following threats of the “killer clown purge,” a prankster wearing clown costume had been left in a pool of blood by panicked victims. The whole incident is caught on video.

A video of a group of teenagers running over a prankster disguised as a clown went viral on Facebook. It all started when a group of teenagers are driving around to look for clowns. The night did not end with disappointment. Around midnight, they received heads-up of a clown sighting near an old factory.

They soon spotted the clown prankster who is seen brandishing a wooden plank. One of the teenagers went out of the car and walked towards the clown, however the man disguised as clown whacked the teenager in his head with the wooden plank.

In panic, the teenagers who remained in the car drove straight to the clown. They stepped out to check on the fallen clown and see him lying in a pool of blood when the video cuts off.

The public’s response has been split with some believing that it is true while others think the whole thing is staged. True or not, the scenario is still alarming.

Cases of the “killer clown purge” scare have caused concerns for citizens when the fad has blown out to be a case of mass hysteria with many pranksters jumping in on the bandwagon. As proliferated by posts being spread on social media, the killer clown craze is no longer considered a laughing matter.

Arrests have been made while police has made it clear to the public that offenders will face harsh consequences when they disguise themselves as clowns with the intent of scaring and causing alarm to people.

Because of the Halloween season, claims of a “killer clown purge” happening has heightened. In response, the police has given a statement on when civilians should call the police regarding a clown sighting at a time when many people are expected to be in costumes.

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