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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Morgan Actor Lennie James on ‘Brutal’ Premiere, The Kingdom, King Ezekiel

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The Walking Dead Season 7 comes with a lot of changes and new characters. What better way to keep up with these changes than hearing it firsthand from someone who is part of the show. Lennie James, the actor playing Morgan Jones, shares his thoughts on the show’s premiere and some spoilers to expect in the coming episodes.

The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 has stirred avid viewers of the show as the introduction of a new character had to come as a hard blow by also eliminating two of TWD’s most beloved characters.

“It was brutal. But it was also brilliant,” James says.

He adds that even though it is “heartbreaking,” it is a route that had to be taken “to stay true to our source material.” Not everyone can be lucky enough to dodge death especially when the world suffers a zombie apocalypse. The premiere also served as “a reminder to all of us about the realities of the world that our story is told in.”

In spoilers, James says this season is going to be a “marker” which the premiere has set in stone.

Aside from Negan’s introduction, we are also introduced to the world of King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva with their community that sets apart from anything we have seen in the show so far.

When everybody else was watching out for Negan’s introduction, James says for him, it has always been about Ezekiel’s entrance especially since he works in that side of the show. He also commends the actor playing Ezekiel, Khary Payton. If the role was taken by another actor, it could have been less effective according to James.

“He lands it at the right place, he kept it at the right pace, and he sets it at the right tone,” James says of Payton.

He also shared some spoilers about his character’s journey on not killing as well. James says Morgan is “trying to live a life where all life is precious.” However, he is still a work in progress. He has not reached that yet, but he is trying.

The Walking Dead Season 8 airs Sundays on AMC.

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