Black Friday, Cyber Monday Marks and Spencer Predictions 2016: Deals on Beauty, Fragrance, Festive Items

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday is drawing closer and everyone is getting themselves armed with enough cash and loaded cards to shop until they drop. Marks and Spencer is also joining in on the fun, so what is this year’s prediction?

It is too soon to tell, as brands keep the details of their deals under wraps until nearly the last minute before Black Friday and Cyber Monday starts. But just by recalling what the deals were last year should give everyone a good idea of what to expect.

In 2015, Marks and Spencer had deals in almost all of their departments, specifically deals for beauty and fragrance, toys, alcohol, luggage, furniture, along with Christmas decor and other festive items. They also had 60% off everything just before Black Friday started and had 3 for 2 deals on beauty sets and Christmas presents along with a 25% off men’s dinner suits.

This year’s prediction is that it will be almost the same deals for Marks and Spencer on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For those who want to be in the know, it helps to subscribe to emails regarding the sale along with other promos.

This now poses the question of whether these deals are available offline or online. Experts believe that a lot of sales are done online so this year’s prediction is that many will be doing their shopping via the Marks and Spencer app. However, it should not be difficult to find a store that has bargains.

It is also advisable to constantly check the official Marks and Spencer site for more details as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draws near. It also helps to follow their official Facebook and Twitter accounts as well, as sometimes there are details and promos that are only given in a certain social media account.

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