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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 3 Spoilers: What Evidence Has Curtis Gathered About Sonny

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Investigations kick its gears in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 3. Thursday is going to be filled with cases to be dug in and evidence to be scoured.

Previously in GH, Curtis was found out to be investigating Sonny’s case and this knowledge does not sit in good terms with Jordan who is onto the case as well. This has kept Jordan wary of his former partner and told Valerie to keep an eye on him.

When Jason figures out Curtis is investigating Sonny, he will not let him off his radar. General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 3 suggest a heated confrontation will ensue between the two. Jason will quiz Curtis on what he has discovered. Curtis will let him know that he has gathered enough to send Sonny guilty for the attempt to take Julian’s life.

With Curtis working for Julian, is his “evidence” authentic or is Jordan right to fear that her former partner is still doing his old dirty deeds?

A PCPD detective will be out to work on his own duties as well. Nathan heads to find Griffin who is working in General Hospital to inform him that someone has been asking questions about Charlotte. Who is the mysterious person asking about the child?

Without a doubt, Valentin’s return has sent the citizens of Port Charles in high alert. Even poor Sam experienced stress after meeting the Cassadine who sent her to the hospital after having cramps due to her sensitive pregnancy.

To protect her family, Anna will not let Valentin go free to his whereabouts, according to General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 3. After Griffin asked for her help in protecting Charlotte, she has made it her new assignment as a WSB agent. To start off, she arranges a private discussion with the notorious man.

However, when her eyes land on him, she is swept by a wave of déjà vu and ask, “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

General Hospital airs from Monday to Friday on ABC.

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