Kate Middleton, Prince William Marriage Reportedly Falling Apart

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Marriage Falling Apart? Queen Puts Too Much Work on the Couple?

Kate Middleton and Prince William has been the subject of news that tells unfavorable stories regarding their marriage. The two have been recently the subject of rumors that say their married life is close to falling apart.

There were many reasons that made many speculate about the condition of their marriage, but one of the biggest is that Kate Middleton and Prince William are reportedly living separate lives. They say that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had been fighting, mostly due to the “strain” brought on by the numerous royal and public engagements that the Queen puts them in.

It was also reported that it was ultimately the Queen that put this strain on them, as she personally arranged for the couple to have more royal engagements and public appearances on their schedule. It was said that this led to the couple’s fighting, although they have been keeping appearances as a happy couple for the people to see.

They have also been said to use Princess Charlotte as a kind of “distraction” so that the public will focus on the Princess instead of the status of their relationship. The Princess has appeared on the cover of a magazine, offering insider scoop on the children’s life. This is contrary to what the Duchess of Cambridge has boasted earlier, when she said that she will take care of her kids in a “normal” environment.

However, Gossip Cop has presented a post to debunk these issues that just recently come up. They said, from a source of their own, that there is no truth to any of the rumors about the royal couple. They claimed that the source of these rumors has no evidence to back up their claim. They concluded that Kate Middleton and Prince William are not fighting; nor is their marriage falling apart.

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