Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II At Odds Over Prioritization of Royal Duties

Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II, latest news on Duchess of Cambridge
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. The latest news that Kate Middleton graced a world movie premiere in London, set off another rumor that it incurred the ire of Queen Elizabeth II.

It sure looks like Kate Middleton is being slammed nowadays for almost every move she makes. The Duchess of Cambridge recently got bad rap for gracing the red carpet world premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob in London. The latest news reported that she incurred the ire of Queen Elizabeth II for choosing the movie event over other royal engagements.

Upon closer look, it was not just a typical movie premiere that the Duchess of Cambridge traipsed into. She was there to support the U.K. charity organization Action on Addiction.

The people behind the organization were quite happy to have the most popular British royal taking part in their major endeavor. As they wrote in their Facebook page, they were “so pleased that The Duchess continues to keep the subject of addiction – and recovery – in the public eye.”

Middleton has been shuttling from one country to another, at one instance even bringing her two children with her. Even when she is in her home country, the royal engagements never cease, to the point that she was reported to have become exhausted from all her duties.

In any case, the issue on Kate Middleton reportedly favoring a movie premiere and “rubbing elbows with the elite” over royal engagements has sparked curiosity. Gracing a movie premiere for a cause may be a non-issue for devoted British royal watchers, but the news still became widespread. What stumps many people who love Middleton is why Queen Elizabeth II would react in such a way.

Queen Elizabeth II’s unfavorable reaction to the Duchess of Cambridge’s so-called attitude on what to prioritize, and judgment on moves that befit a royal personage, is nothing new.  The Queen and the Duchess have always been pitted against each other by tabloid writers.

On the other hand, there are the prestigious magazines that strive to give balanced reporting and highlight the positive qualities of Kate Middleton. The latest news culled from a recent magazine interview stating she was most comfortable with being herself underscores the simplicity of Prince William’s wife.

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