Mike Rowe Reacts On Fan’s Skilled Labor and Porsche Gap Comment

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Mike Rowe Fired Up By Fan’s Comments; Speaks Up About Skilled Labor

Mike Rowe has become the unintentional spokesperson for the honest working class. The TV personality has been a champion of the value of honest work and skilled labor; issues that he recently defended from a commenter that misunderstood the true nature of the issue, particularly the “skills gap.”

Mike Rowe has been one of the go-to personalities if one wants an opinion of the labor issues that plagues America today. Being a host on Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It, Rowe knows a thing or two about skilled labor, and the various complex concepts surrounding the American workforce in general.

Perhaps this is why he was fired up by an analogy posted by a fan on his website. Rowe thought that the post was not entirely accurate and is not representative of a real problem.

It started when Jason Steiner compared the skills gap to what he calls a “Porsche gap.” He stated an example where when he wants to have a Porsche, he must outbid the price of everyone else that wants to have the said model. In his point, he basically means that the main problem in the shortage of workers is that too many employers decide to underpay certain workers.

Mike Rowe responded by saying that the problem with skilled labor is so much more than money. He illustrated this by presenting a situation where a person (presumably Steiner) needs a plumber to fix his toilet. He calls the plumbing outfit and found out that all plumbers are booked for the next three days. He calls another and finds out the same thing.

Ultimately, no matter how much money that person is willing to pay, he cannot get a plumber— and that, for Rowe, is what the “skills gap” means.

The TV personality continues to answer certain questions on his website. However, both his aforementioned shows that showcase the talents of workers have been cancelled.

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