Queen Elizabeth II Offers United States Return Under British Rule As American Democracy ‘Failed’

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Queen Elizabeth II Offers United States Return Under British Rule? Royal Says American Democracy Has ‘Failed’?

Queen Elizabeth II, the British royal monarch, is said to have offered to reinstate British authority over the United States of America. Last Oct. 29, in line with the Presidential Election, it was reported that Great Britain is extending its royal arms to the United States to repossess its former Northern Colonies, after it has failed in its experiment of democracy.

The report also claimed that it was in a surprising televised speech where Queen Elizabeth II made her address. She allegedly said that she recognized the despairing condition the Americans are in now, that is why she is making the offer.

Queen Elizabeth II apparently made this speech in Buckingham Palace. The monarch reportedly said that the Parliament will not be involved in the arrangement. That the ruling would be old-fashioned where the Queen will be the head, and will even disregard Prince Charles. She said she might even have Prince William and his charming children to rule with her.

It was later clarified that this article was penned by Andy Borowitz. He is a humorist who writes satirical articles most popularly known as The Borowitz Report. He is a comedian and a best-selling author who has been writing for The New Yorker as early as 1998. He created the Borowitz Report in 2001, a news column in satirical form and has attracted readers worldwide.

It is from this where he was awarded by the National Press Club an award for humor – a first in its history. The New Yorker acquired The Borowitz Report in 2012.

The United States of America is historically a colony of the British Empire. It was formerly known as the Northern Colonies or the 13 British Colonies; classified in three major areas as the Southern Colonies, The Middle Colonies, and the New England Colonies.

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