Rare Super Full Moon November 2016: Time and Place In US, UK, NZ, Australia, Canada

supermoon in November
The Super Blood Moon, or lunar eclipse of full moon at perigee in September 27, 2015.

On November 14, 2916, 1352 UTC, head outdoors and try to get a vantage point of the supermoon. On this day, the moon will be at its closest to Earth since January 1948.

A supermoon occurs when the Earth, moon, and sun line up as the moon orbits Earth.  The next sighting of the moon at its brightest and closest to earth will be November 2034.

Casual sky watchers may get an excellent supermoon sighting particularly in places in the US, UK, and Canada.  The supermoon is expected to reach the peak of its full phase on the morning of November 14 at 1352 UTC. That is the equivalent to 9:52 AM AST, 8:52 AM EST, 7:52 AM CST, 6:52 AM MST, 5:52 AM PST.  If you happen to be in these places, note the approximated time for a great supermoon view:

8:52 AM Thursday, in Washington, DC

8:52 AM Thursday, in Ottawa, ON, Canada

12:52 PM Thursday, in London, UK

11:52 PM Thursday, in Melbourne VIC, Australia

1:52 AM Friday, in Auckland, New Zealand

If you prefer watching the phenomenon online, the Slooh Community Observatory will have a live broadcast on November 13, 2016 at 7:00 pm or you can watch it on

It is also an opportune time to commence a detoxification or body cleanse. Communing with natural forces of the universe can be awesome. It may be good to ingest something that will cleanse and strengthen the thyroid gland.

If you cannot head outdoors, check out online sites that will do live online broadcasts. Rest assured your place will have good weather condition, with little or no city lights nor clouds that may conceal the brightness of the supermoon.

Experts remind that the full moon and perigee (the point in the orbit of a heavenly body — in this case the moon — at which it is nearest to Earth) will not realign again until the second of January 2018.

Photo Source: Joshua Tree National Park at Wikimedia Commons

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