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There’s Already An Anti-Killer Clown App That Will Keep You Safe Whenever You Have Clown Sightings

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Killer Clown Sightings Tracked by 'CreepTrek' App

An application called CreepTrek that tracks killer clown sightings is created to help everyone, especially children, stay safe. As cases of the creepy clown craze continue to spread and escalate, the virtual tool comes handy.

Since the first killer clown sightings in mid-August, many have continued to jump in on the fad. With that, a 17-year-old resident of Denver named Rocco Marchitto decided to create the CreepTrek application after her own sister experienced being approached by a clown outside her elementary school.

Marchitto says Halloween is the “essential date” which is the perfect opportunity for “creeps to scare children just for their own entertainment.” This incident could become “a safety hazard” if not controlled. Thus, he created the app in order to help keep kids safe especially when trick-or-treating by tracking and avoiding where clowns have been sighted.

CreepTrek works by using Google maps to plot killer clown sightings that have spread in United States and Canada. Every incident is chronicled with information and location from authorities. Additionally, each marker indicates whether any clown is found following the sighting.

The application’s map is largely crowd-sourced that has split the public’s response, with some taking it with rightful seriousness while others think the case is too rampant to be cut back by the app. Nonetheless, it is a welcome addition to police efforts to aid concerned citizens, especially considering the previous warning of pedophiles possibly dressing as clowns to lure and molest children.

Harsh consequences await pranksters with the intent of terrorizing and causing distress to other people as the frenzy is no longer a laughing matter. There have already been arrests of clown pranksters while victims are left injured and traumatized.

Metropolitan police had also delivered a statement on when people should call the police for killer clown sightings and what is considered an “emergency.” Ultimately, everyone should stay “extra vigilant” whether the sightings appear to be pranks or not.

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