Betty White Not Dead, Set To Appear On TV Series ‘Bones’

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If there is one thing to know about the internet, it is that not everything shared online is true. Betty White is another celebrity who is rumored to be dead.

Long-lived actress Betty White has become another target for a death hoax as rumors circulating around the internet imply that she passed on. Fortunately, that is not true.

It all started when an article came out back in 2014 titled “Betty White Dyes Peacefully in Her Home.” The article stated that the actress who is known for her characters on Golden Girls, Hot in Cleveland and The Mary Tyler Moore Show was revealed to not be a natural blonde. However, others who perhaps did not read or mistook the word ‘dye’ for ‘die’ ended up thinking that the actress is now dead.

Parts of the article spread like wildfire bringing many to think that Betty White has passed away. Fortunately and unfortunately, the article was merely a spoof from one of the many fake news websites. The site itself, Empire News, did state that they were a satirical entertainment site as well.

In short: Betty White is not dead. In fact, she still has an upcoming acting gig.

The actress is revealed to make a return apearance on Bones: The Final Chapter. White made her first appearance on the show as the forensic anthropologist Dr. Beth Mayer in the previous season. Now, she will be returning as Dr. Mayer in the show’s 10th episode of its final season.

The final season of Bones will bring Brennan and Booth’s story to a close, thus the 12th season is called The Final Chapter. Brennan and Booth’s marriage will be among the storylines hinted for the new and final season.Alongside White, there will be more returning characters, from the squinterns to the much-loved guest stars.

Bones: The Final Chapter airs Tuesdays on Fox.

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