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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Convicted of Murder, Theresa Asks Victor for Help

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Misery loves company in an upcoming episode of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers suggest that Hope gets convicted of murder while Theresa asks Victor for help.

Previous spoilers for Days of Our Lives hinted that Hope is now under arrest due to the publicly aired murder confession. Now, spoilers suggest that Hope is now convicted of murder, but it is only about to get worse from there.

Hope finds out that the prosecutor is pushing for the death penalty to come back, which means her life is going to be on the line. Despite Rafe trying to get her out of there, Hope is determined to keep him and Roman out of this. Rafe and Roman are not exactly blame free as they played a part in covering up for her, but if Hope will not be able to get away, at least Rafe and Roman could.

Hope and Andre strike a deal to at least keep Rafe and Roman’s participation in this under wraps in exchange for her stay in prison. Andre will likely keep his end, but he could still pull a fast one on her again.

Justin will be against the death penalty, because he thinks it is unreasonable given the circumstances the murder was committed. To be fair, Stefano was also quite a shady man, having targeted Hope and her family for years.

More spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Theresa will turn to Victor for help.

Previous spoilers already indicated that Shane suddenly came to visit Theresa with a warning. Theresa finds out that Guillermo is back in Salem and also knows where she lives. Guillermo is the reason why Theresa had gotten herself in trouble before, and now it has been known that Guillermo works for her even shadier ex, Mateo.

Apparently, Guillermo told Mateo where Theresa lives and Mateo is now bent on taking her back. Theresa does not want to get back together with him so she hatches a plan to get rid of both Guillermo and Mateo and hopefully Victor can help her out on that.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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