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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 4 Spoilers: Anna Reveals A Surprise; Kiki Might Be In Danger

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Questions and mysteries will almost be unravelled in a cliffhanger episode to end the week in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 4. Is there more danger to come the way Port Charles citizens?

While one mother gets hold of answers, another fears for the unknown danger for her child. Carly, thanks to Nelle, gets a glimpse of his son’s last days through his journal. The journal was found as Nelle went to Sonny’s house to get Morgan’s Vanderbilt acceptance letter that is to be buried along with his other mementos.

Another mother connects to her child as Ava fears for Kiki’s safety in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 4. She has been receiving anonymous text messages that reveal the unidentified sender knows about the pills she threw away. Fearing that whoever sends her the messages is out for revenge, she tries to talk Kiki into taking a vacation to get her out of Port Charles.

However, Kiki notices something is off and asks her mother, “Are you trying to get rid of me?”

Another addition joins the investigation of Sonny’s case. Jason and Sam decides to take it in their own hands to uncover the bombing incident. They received a lead where they talked to the local thug in order to divulge some information. How will this meeting go down?

In PCPD, Jordan, who has been wary of Curtis ever since figuring out he is investigating Sonny’s case too, calls him in. She tells his former partner of the consequences he will face for his actions.

General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 4 also suggest Griffin making a firm decision for Charlotte’s sake. He will end his plans of priesthood once and for all to be a father to his child; as far as he knows, Charlotte is his daughter.

Meanwhile, what surprise will Anna reveal to wrap off this week?

General Hospital airs from Monday to Friday on ABC.

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