Kate Middleton Will Not Be Present at Pippa Middleton Wedding; Duchess Will Outshine Her Sister

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Kate Middleton Will Not Be Present at Pippa Middleton Wedding; Duchess Afraid to Outshine Her Sister

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011 in a wedding that captured and fascinated the world. During the royal wedding, what few individuals would have anticipated is that her sister, Pippa Middleton, caused most heads to turn. The sister, not in a relationship back then, was striking in a lovely, bend-embracing dress; a picture of an elegant socialite strolling behind The Duchess of Cambridge as she comes in Westminster Abbey.

Pippa Middleton is currently in a relationship, engaged to fiancé James Matthews and is due to be married next year. With much anticipation, Pippa is expected to return the favor and make Kate her bridesmaid as what sisters are supposed to do to each other.

Unfortunately, Kate will not be a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding. The reason is because of etiquette. Traditionally, bridesmaids were chosen from the bride’s family among the unmarried women who are of eligible age.

If the main bridesmaid is married, she is called the “matron of honor;” she can only be dubbed as the chief bridesmaid if she is not yet married. So it is safe to say that if Kate Middleton must have a role in her sister’s wedding, it will not be as a bridesmaid. Being married for five years and having children, technically she will be Pippa’s matron of honor. Yet, according to some royal connoisseurs, the sisters might choose to entirely leave Kate out of the bridal party.

Judy Wade, one of the royal authors told People that Kate will just overshadow her sister and it will be an awkward situation for Pippa. He said that Pippa Middleton would love to have her sister by her side during that special moment in her life but her sister is Kate Middleton, the future queen, and will just flock attention and upstage her sister’s most important day. Kate would prefer to be in the background as much as possible according to him.

On her wedding day, Pippa, who now got an adorable nephew and niece, will have them as page boy and a flower girl. Let us all hope that George does this way better than his dad did in Prince Andrew’s royal wedding in 1986.

As for Pippa Middleton’s current relationship, she will marry her fiancé James Matthews, a 41-year-old banking tycoon, in May next year in her local village church. The 150 guests will include some very famous faces as the wedding is set to be of a much smaller selection of friends and family. As to the role Kate will play on the upcoming wedding, we will just have to wait and find out.

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