Killer Clown Videos: Singapore Clown Prankster Apologizes; Reasons Why Clowns Scare Us

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Killer Clown Videos: Singapore Clown Prankster Apologizes; Why Do Clowns Scare Us?

A clown prankster has apologized for the “killer clown” videos he took while scaring innocent people. He admits the prank had instead “backfired” with the negative feedback by the public.

Joel Wong, a Singaporean student, is apologetic for the pranks. With the intention of making a viral video, Wong, assisted by his friends, dressed up as a clown and scared passers-by at an underpass and a park.

The video posted on Youtube did get viral; however, Wong admits it was for all the wrong ways. The killer clown videos in question are now taken down. The 19-year-old also reveals police came to his house for questioning. His friends, who assisted him in executing the prank, were also questioned.

Police officers prior responded to Block 489C, Tampines Street 45 at 10 in the evening after they received a call requesting for assistance.

He says he created the video, albeit being careful, without thinking of the consequences of his actions as they were “extremely impromptu.” He confesses he missed to look at the “bigger picture” that he indeed scared innocent people and created public nuisance.

The creepy clown craze, as proliferated by social media, has gone from simple pranks to widespread mass hysteria. As more and more people joined the fad especially towards Halloween season, the “killer clown” frenzy has spread far and wide terrorizing many innocent civilians.

But why are we afraid of clowns really?

A psychology researcher from The Open University, Dr. Stephanie Lay, who is fascinated of creepy and bizarre phenomenon studied the creepy clown craze and discussed what really scares people about clowns.

From her research, she figures out it is the ambiguity of the clown’s expressions that creeps people out. The exaggerated features, as emphasized with makeup, create an unsettling contradiction of expression on the clown’s face. The killer clown craze with pranksters disguised with masks of exaggerated smiles while having ill intentions of causing fear or distress makes the combination eerie.

Well, that explains how even watching killer clown videos without witnessing it in person can already give us goosebumps.

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