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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Reason Why 25-Minute Extension Was Made for Episode 4

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For the first time after Negan horrifyingly killed two of the show’s beloved characters, spoilers reveal we will get back to Rick and his group in Episode 4. What is in store for The Walking Dead Season 7’s extended episode? Does it mean more killing for Negan?

The fourth episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 will be 85 minutes long, which is about 25 minutes longer than the episode’s usual 60-minute running time. What could be the reason for the extended episode?

Spoilers for Episode 4 reveal viewers will be brought back to Alexandria to check up on the remaining survivors of Rick’s group. Apparently, we will not be the only ones paying a visit as Negan will be onboard as well. However, his visit does not always bring good news.

To shed more light, we can take a look at the source material to see what could possibly unfold in the said episode. To those who do not want to get spoiled, avert your eyes as there will be a bit of comic plots to be given away.

Spoilers suggest The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 4 will be taken from #103 issue of the comic books that shows Negan’s visit to Alexandria to get the first collection. The Saviors will look around for supplies as a defiant Carl dares to spew threats at Negan.

Negan lets Rick hold the barbed wire-covered bat infamously known as Lucille while the Saviors take over half of their supplies. Has Negan successfully broken Rick?

In the comics, Rick reveals to her love interest Andrea, who is Michonne in the TV series, that he is plotting something. For the meantime, they will let the Saviors feel like they are totally intimidated by them. Once the right time comes, they will fight back when an opportunity arises where the Saviors will be caught off guard.

But then again, adaptations more or less deviate from their source material so a bit of changes might come along the way.

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on AMC.

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