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Playstation 4 Pro Retail Box Offers Hours of 4K Ultra HD Gaming Resolution

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Playstation 4 Pro Retail Box Offers Hours of 4K Ultra HD Gaming Resolution

The PlayStation 4 Pro retail box is a mid-generational advancement for the eighth generation video game console. Sony, the makers of PlayStation 4 Pro, was not able to excite the audience with the new additions to its video game library. Microsoft’s Xbox One S is considered by many as an enhanced upgrade option matched to what Sony calls as the world’s most powerful console.

But this does not mean that the fans are not pleased to have PlayStation 4 Pro retail box in the gaming world. At this point, we cannot say much whether or not this console will live up to Sony’s hopes. As of the time of writing, the product is 10 days away from launch and until then, we will only be limited to our imagination and speculations.

Earlier than its release date, Shinobi601 on NeoGAF shared the images of PlayStation 4 Pro unit as packed. According to reports, these images came from a WalMart store. The box is akin to that of the standard PS4.

On the back part of the box is a list of features that the newest console offers. It also has a list of things it did not include; for instance, no Blu-ray drive is included, and it cannot also run all but only some of the games that offer 4k resolution.

Despite this, Sony claimed that the PlayStation 4 Pro retail box will bring long hours of 4K high definition graphics to eager gamers worldwide. It brags a 4K resolution gaming feature, its compatibility and support for HDTV as well as PlayStation VR and HDR graphics.

Mark Cerny, Sony’s lead System Architect, previously talked about the technical specification of the console’s hardware and was anticipated to share more about it in London. This happened on Nov. 2 and 3 in a media event called, Future Play. Sony has already lined up a cluster of games as its support during its launching. Most of these games can be accessed and played at the London show.

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