`The Simpsons’ Renewed for 2 Seasons: The Show Creators’ Brilliance Will Still Work

The Simpsons, season renewal
`The Simpsons’ just got renewed for two seasons.

The Simpsons, the long-running adult animated sitcom created by Matt Groening and Al Jean, recently got a double-season renewal.

Al Jean tweeted thanks to everyone who made The Simpsons‘ two-season renewal possible. A major factor that has made the program stay this long in the history of American animated television series is its ability to make people laugh.

Many people grew up watching the dysfunctional family. The show has spawned collectible toys, books, and other merchandise, and still commands a huge following. While producers have pulled the plug on lots of newer shows with low ratings, The Simpsons plodded on.

Some super fans of Homer, Bart, Maggie, Lisa and the rest of the cast members, have stopped watching in recent years. These were the same people glued to their TV sets and in stitches since the show premiered in December 1989. Nonetheless, The Simpsons just kept going season after season.

With the entry of another family comedy like the Family Guy in January 31, 1999, modern-day viewers who could appreciate novel, goofy, and irreverent first-rate entertainment shifted to Seth MacFarlane’s animated series with a martini-drinking dog.

The Fox TV Group heads expressed thanks to all those who helped make The Simpsons outlive lots of other shows. Special mention of the voice cast, the production & writing team, and the fans was made.

Coming out with an animated series is a feat in itself. The Simpsons, now on its 26th season, had reached an astonishing 625 total issues. Many televiewers who loved the show in the mid-1990s are two decades older now, and are inclined to say the show had a great run, so why push it further?

Apparently, the Fox bigwigs are still happy with the ratings, and wanted to bask in the record-setting moment before enticing fans that there are “lots more to come.” The Simpsons, to date, continues to have funny episodes and strives to be in step with the times. Case in point was when the show focused on Donald Trump.  The Simpsons’ influence and drawing power have come and gone. As it pushes into season 30, it may be getting stale. In fact, some quarters feel that it may be high time for the show “to step aside for newer, fresher shows to make their mark.”

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