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‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Nov. 7 Spoilers: Nicole Backs Out with Surrogacy; Zende Moves on with Sasha

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Time is our enemy, or friend, depending on where our couples’ relationship stands. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 7 reveal one couple will make up for lost time while another will see that reconciliation might be too late.

Nicole has backed out with the surrogacy. She convinces herself that Zende loves her and not Sasha since they have been through a lot. Surely, their relationship would merit something to Zende.

“He wants to be with me. I know he doesn’t want to be with Sasha. I have to make this right,” Nicole says in The Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 7.

Nicole is not alone to trust their relationship. Maya and Rick will discuss what they have put Nicole and Zende’s relationship through. Maya says, “Zende isn’t acting like himself right now but in spite of everything that they’ve been through, I think they belong together.”

Their request to have Nicole be a surrogate mother for the second time to complete their family and give a sibling to Lizzy was not well-received by Zende. He thinks once is enough and it had previously almost ended their relationship. Another nine months would be too hard for him.

However, things might be too late as Sasha might have already dug her claws deep into Zende. As Nicole runs to make things right with Zende, spoilers suggest she will catch Sasha in Zende’s bed. Without a doubt, it would be a heartbreaking sight for Nicole.

On the other hand, Liam and Steffy are having a blissful time together. The two believe they belong to each other and this is how things should be. Time spent with Wyatt was divulged in arguing with Quinn and her feelings for him; something Steffy does not miss.

Is it already a happy ending for Steffy and Liam? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 7 suggest it is too early for the two to celebrate as Quinn might have something in store to rock the boat.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs Monday to Friday on CBS.

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