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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 7-Nov. 11 Spoilers: Carly, Sonny Has Theory; Valentin Meets Charlotte; Consequences Await Ava, Alexis

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Following the previous week’s road to revelations, General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 7 to Nov. 11 will make viewers grip on the edge of the their seats. The events toward Morgan’s funeral will bear consequences to the previous actions of some characters.

If there are two people who are most affected with Morgan’s death, it would be without a doubt his parents Sonny and Carly. The two are struggling in taking their son’s death and no words would be enough to console the two. But maybe Morgan’s own words, through his journal that Nelle unearthed and handed to Carly, will give Sonny and Carly the closure they need in their son’s sudden death.

Spoilers suggest they will discover that their son is taking medications. Will they soon figure out that his pills were off and Ava, who had been in Morgan’s room twice, is connected with it?

Later on this week, consequences will await Ava and Alexis; Ava for tampering with Morgan’s medication and Alexis for succumbing to her drinking habits.

Meanwhile, Monday will kick off with a bang in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 7. Ava meets with her blackmailer who is surprisingly Lucy. Struggling to make ends meet, Lucy sees a wad of cash after witnessing Ava threw away the pills. Her knowledge will get Ava wrapped around her fingers.

At the PCPD, things turn heated as Andre walks in on Curtis and Jordan. In turn, a confrontation between Andre and Jordan following her actions will ensue that will end with a bad note while Curtis continues to create a mess wherever he goes as he next finds Jason in a chaotic situation.

Additionally, Charlotte will meet Valentin; and she runs to hug him. Obviously, the child already knows him. That leaves us with a question: who is really Charlotte’s father? Is it Griffin or Valentin?

General Hospital airs Monday to Friday on ABC.

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