Kate Middleton, Prince William Living Separate Lives: Queen Will Not Allow Royal Children to Attend Pippa’s Wedding

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Living Separate Lives? Queen Will Not Allow Royal Children to Attend Pippa’s Wedding

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, bore Prince William two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. These newest additions to the British royal family might not be present on Pippa Middleton and Jake Matthews’ wedding next year. Speculations have it that Queen Elizabeth II does not want any members of the family, except the Duke and Duchess themselves, attending the wedding.

Critics and royal spectators definitely know that Pippa Middleton will not be able to count on Kate Middleton, her royal sister, to help her on the wedding. It seems that even the two royal children will not have a role in their Aunt Pippa’s most special day. Up to date, no one is certain about who will be present at Pippa’s wedding and who will not.

Carole Middleton, Kate and Pippa’s mother, is with high hopes that at least Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be able to walk down the aisle with her. This has a thin possibility of happening, though.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are in their ripe age to be given the role of ring bearer and flower girl. It is surprising however that these two will not have any role in the wedding. With their appeal, these royal charms would perfectly be the excellent members to Pippa’s wedding entourage.

Unfortunately, it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II herself was behind the decision. The Queen wanted her great grandchildren out of the wedding ceremony. She does not want any member of the royal family, including the children, making media headlines for being present in an event that is nothing more than a celebrity social event.

In addition, Prince George will soon serve as the future King of England. The Queen prefers him not photographed at the wedding, swarmed by James Matthews’ family along with socialites and reality stars, who are expected to be present at the wedding.

If Prince George and Princess Charlotte stayed home on the day of the wedding, critics will not be surprised. As per Queen Elizabeth II’s strict mandate, only the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, who were previously rumored to be living separate lives, are allowed on Pippa’s wedding. Other members of the British royal circle, like Prince Harry and the children will not be in attendance.

The Middleton family has not anticipated this to happen. Everyone is talking about how Pippa Middleton’s wedding will be London’s biggest social event of the year. Kate Middleton and Prince William to be in attendance, and so far that has been what is confirmed.

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