Michael Jackson’s Son Maps Out His Own Career Path

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The King of Pop Michael Jackson was photographed 10 years ago bringing his kids to Disneyland Paris.

It can be hard being a famous celebrity’s son. Such is the case with Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., more commonly known as Prince, now 19 and trying to chart his own career path outside the shadow of the King of Pop.

The notion most people tend to have of children of the very rich and famous is that they are bratty individuals so accustomed to a life of privilege and oftentimes, all they care about is partying. Recent interviews with Prince uncovered that he was a smart teener bent on doing what he always wanted to do — working behind-the-scenes of the entertainment industry.

The first child of Michael Johnson with American nurse Debbie Rowe grew up under the protective guidance of his grandmother Katherine Jackson, and the constant counseling of Michael Jackson. Prince recalled how his father would keep reminding him to be careful with the people he interacts with, and not to easily trust.

Prince also shared how the King of Pop would ask him what he wanted to do in life, and his reply was always the same – to produce and direct. Inspired by what his father did, particularly during the “This Is It” residency in London, Prince went on to set up his own production company called King’s Son Productions.

While Prince and his siblings were fiercely protected by their father from fame, even making them wear masks during public outings, he said he understood it all. He would have none of  the madness and tabloid lies closely trailing a celebrity, though, and would rather maintain a low profile. He had also refrained from using social media, except when he had to respond to an attack from a troll on Twitter who declared that his father was not really the legendary musician Michael Jackson.

Prince had replied in matter-of-fact manner with a quote, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” and expressed that the late King of Pop was the only father he had known, who had raised him and his siblings Paris and Blanket. That tweet that raised doubts on paternity, made a little over a year ago, was  the closest Prince Michael had come to admitting the possibility that he may not be carrying Michael Jackson’s DNA.

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