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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Tony DiNozzo to Return; Michael Weatherly Pitches ‘NCIS’-‘Bull’ Crossover

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Could Tony DiNozzo come back to the squad, or could the squad meet Dr. Jason Bull? Spoilers for NCIS Season 14 indicate that actor Michael Weatherly wants an NCIS-Bull crossover instead.

Spoilers for NCIS Season 14 hinted that DiNozzo’s return might not seem likely in the near future. Instead, Weatherly suggested that Tony would appear on Bull instead for a mini-crossover of sorts.

Crossovers between shows and movies are common. Superhero movies and tv series do this often. While it is not likely that the NCIS squad would cross paths with Dr. Jason Bull anytime soon, Weatherly has an idea as to how it could happen. His idea involved camera tricks a la The Parent Trap and a split screen effect showing how Dr. Jason Bull and Tony DiNozzo would interact with each other.

The scene would go about with Jason and Tony telling each other that they look scarily alike. Tony would say that he is stronger than Jason, and Jason telling him that he is much slimmer.

“It seems like an interesting idea,” Weatherly said during an interview. He added that it is something that is “deeply challenging to the programmers at CBS.”

As to when it can happen? Weatherly thinks that it could work on Bull‘s fourth or fifth season, if the show needed a little boost in ratings.

Who knows, maybe sooner or later Weatherly’s idea of a Bull-NCIS crossover could work.

Meanwhile, previous spoilers for an upcoming episode of NCIS Season 14 indicated that Torres will deliberately break protocol for the sake of a witness. Tony DiNozzo Sr. will also return as McGee, Abby and Bishop try to get him to sublet Tony’s old apartment.

Bishop’s brothers are also going to make an entrance in another upcoming episode of NCIS Season 14.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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