`Pitch Perfect 3′ Star Anna Kendrick Braces for Release of Memoir

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`Pitch Perfect 3′ actress Anna Kendrick, shown during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, will soon mark the launch of her own book.

Mid-November is a red-letter date for Pitch Perfect 3 star Anna Kendrick. It is when the actress, who has dazzled audiences onstage and on the big screen, will release in the market a new book, a collection of essays she herself penned.

The sweet, feisty and talented actress excitedly tweeted that it is her first time in sales, adding that she was unsure if she was doing it right.  The nonchalance adds to her charm.

From theater actress to voice talent, to lead actress and now an author, Kendrick has gained an enormous number of fans. If she were to suddenly opt for a low-profile and retreat to private life that can be just as productive, that may lead to her avid followers’ collective worst nightmare.

With Pitch Perfect 3 not heading into cinemas until December 2017, the actress — with a powerful, entrancing voice that many people have heard in numerous films and soundtracks — has been involved in numerous other projects apart from her new book.

Anna Kendrick’s book, Scrappy Little Nobody, lets readers get inside her brain. Known for often taking to Twitter her musings and sentiments, the Pitch Perfect 3 actress who can be quite witty and hilarious found it fun and convenient to put her thoughts on paper.  She encouraged followers to check out her new book that showcases her “charmingly ordinary stories with candor and winningly wry observations.”

Through the years, Kendrick has immersed herself in various endeavors that turn out to be fun experiences.  A few years ago, she joined F(x), the South Korea-based girl group formed by SM Entertainment in a mini stint.

There have been countless memorable moments in the life of the Tony Award-nominated actress from Portland, Maine, who went on to land a role in Twilight, plus several romantic comedy flicks after that, way before signing on to reprise her role in Pitch Perfect 3. It will be interesting to see snippets of that life in her new book. Anna Kendrick’s memoir is slated to be published on November 15, 2016.

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