Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby Gender Revealed; Wife Mildly Upset by Sudden Revelation

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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby Gender Revealed; Wife Mildly Upset by Sudden Revelation

Ryan Reynolds knows that his wife Blake Lively is serious about keeping the details regarding their newest baby secret. However, the actor kind of messed up when he accidentally revealed the child’s gender on a popular late night talk show.

Ryan Reynolds appeared in an episode of Conan, in which he talked with the host Conan O’ Brien about the recent happenings in his life. However, he did not really have specific projects to promote, and he appeared on the show because he merely “wanted to get out of the house” for a while. The conversations lead to a wide variety of topics, including Reynolds’ family life. And so, live on air, he confirmed that he is father to two daughters.

His wife Blake Lively seems to be mildly upset by the sudden revelation, especially since she has been working on keeping the details of the child’s identity for as long as she can. But now the news is out, and their first born, James, is now confirmed to be a big sister to the baby girl.

The baby girl joined the family just last September, while James is now already 23 months old. Reynolds himself had very strong feelings about having two daughters, jokingly saying that it involved “a lot of estrogen,” and like an American girl doll “took a s- on his life.”

Meanwhile, Blake Lively took on Instagram to express how the Deadpool star made up for his mistake when he got home. She said that she knew Ryan Reynolds had been in some trouble I Conan tonight, and she knew because he brought her food. Lively said that Reynolds did not only come home bringing her favorite cookies, to make up for the matter, but also toasted it himself. He also brought milk with ice, prompting the 29-year old wife to say that her husband is going for “literal brownie points.”

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