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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Greg Nicotero Reveals Rick ‘Destroyed,’ Daryl ‘In Really Bad Shape’

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What will happen to Rick and Daryl after the events that unfolded? It has been a common question that viewers have wondered about. Worry not as Greg Nicotero, TWD director and executive producer, shared some small spoilers on the matter in The Walking Dead Season 7.

After the brutal death of two characters that are widely loved both on and off screen, viewers have been curious on what effect it will bring to Rick, Daryl and Maggie.

Watching the season premiere was shocking in a lot of ways. One reason for that is seeing Alexandrian’s leader Rick to be submissive to Negan. Nicotero says the episode is one of the “most uncomfortable thing” one could ever see; to witness their “hero” submit to subservience.

Being a leader is no easy feat. From witnessing two of his friends die to being mocked in chopping his own son’s arm off, Nicotero admits Rick is “destroyed.” Also, not all Alexandrians will be on board with his submissiveness to the Saviors.

Meanwhile, Nicotero also reveals in The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers that Daryl will be in “a really bad shape.” He is someone who is willing to step in for someone else’s suffering. However, having the opposite effect by causing his action to be the reason of his friend’s demise will take a toll on him. There is no doubt he will blame himself and much rather be the victim rather than someone else.

Another character to be curious about is Maggie. Will witnessing the brutal death of her husband right before her eyes make her submissive or have the opposite effect? Nicotero spills that the incident will have a different effect to Maggie as compared to everyone else’s. The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers suggest that Maggie will, of course, be adamant of “going to fight.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on AMC.

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