Black Friday 2016 Kohl’s Deals On Games, Gadgets, and Yuletide Decors: All Set to Create Shopping Frenzy

Black Friday 2016 Deals, Kohl's
Kohl’s Cares toys are just $5 each. Toys and gadgets are among the discounted items at Kohl’s Black Friday 2016 Deals.

It is that time of year when people are thinking of whether or not to pounce on pre-holiday bargains. Big retailers have unfurled the carpet for shoppers to get their choice picks. Black Friday 2016 deals from Kohl’s were rolled out early this year, and can be availed early, too.

Apart from unveiling a 64-page list of product offerings, Kohl’s announced an early 6 p.m. opening time on Thanksgiving Day.  Individuals with cash to spare will do well to check out the doorbuster sales. Shoppers can shop until they drop from Thanksgiving night until 1 p.m. the following day, Friday.

A quick look at Kohl’s spread of sales online at Kohl’s reveals a wide array of functional items ranging from kitchen storage sets, appliances and headphones, and luggage bags, to fitness wristbands, watches & trinkets to toys and Christmas ornaments.

Being a multi-channel retailer, Kohl’s just might surpass sales targets for its Black Friday 2016 deals. In 2015, Kohl’s posted big online sales during the Thanksgiving period heading into December. A ranking company executive attributed the good sales turnout to “having the right products, insight-driven pricing and the right messages” that the retail organization’s target customers responded to.

Utilization of social media to drive sales also worked well for Kohl’s. Besides the Black Friday discounts, shoppers-members are also encouraged to earn rewards. The integrated marketing campaign of Kohl’s interestingly includes online product pitches like toys fetching $5 each with 100 percent of net profit going to kids’ health initiatives in the US.

Black Friday deals have been lambasted lately for driving people crazy at a time when they have just reflected on their blessings.  Retail analysts have noted, though, that as the stress of the working class dissipates, they summon energy again to go out in full bargain-hunting mode. Black Friday 2016 deals from Koh’ls may not be for everyone, but the retailer’s aggressive marketing campaign, like last year, just may change that perception.

Photo Source:  Kohl’s/Twitter

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