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‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Nov. 8 Spoilers: Quinn, Ridge Clashes Again; Bill Confronts Brooke’s With Her Feelings For Ridge

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Ridge and Quinn clashes once again in The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 8. Bill and Brooke will also voice out their thoughts to each other. Almost-families and almost-marriages will get into some overdue confrontations.

Whenever Ridge and Quinn is in one room together, the two will always find themselves clashing with each other. Ridge has a pile of insults to throw Quinn’s way and Quinn will not back down in receiving them to defend herself.

Ridge points out that it is ridiculous to have a Fuller as a CEO of Forrester Creations but Quinn will have something to say to that.

“Forrester,” Quinn corrects Ridge. “The name is Quinn Forrester.”

However, Ridge believes what she and his father has will be short-lived.

Ridge tells Quinn, “Your soul is the darkest thing I have ever seen. And soon my dad’s going to realize that and you’re going to become just another ridiculous chapter in his book of failed affairs.”

But Quinn just tells Ridge that she is here to stay and it would be better if he just get used to her presence as early as now. Another topic to be tackled is Forrester Creations’ upcoming fashion show but, as expected, the two will not meet eye to eye as per The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 8.

Meanwhile, Bill and Brooke face some problems in their relationship. At the end of the day, Brooke is still not Mrs. Spencer as Bill gripes of Ridge’s interruption in their wedding.

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 8 show Brooke making things clear with Bill and emphasizing, “You left me at the altar.”

The two have a long history and a son together which cast doubts to what Brooke feels for Bill and asks, “Do you have any feelings for Forrester?”

With that, Brooke will let Bill know that he is the man for her and he is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. What she feels for Ridge is all just respect for their past and their son.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs every Monday to Friday on CBS.

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