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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 8 Spoilers: Valentin Claims Charlotte, Estate; Sam, Jason Has Theory; Finn Versus Brad

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Valentin’s return has rocked the citizens of Port Charles. In General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 8, Valentin will stake his claims to what he believes he rightfully owns.

The Cassadine is back to retrieve what he owns. The long game of guessing who Charlotte’s real father is might come to an end soon. From Nathan to Griffin, it looks like neither of the two is the blonde child’s father.

So far, Valentin has the upperhand with the birth certificate shown to Anna and Griffin. That only means another paternity test on the way, per General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 8.

A property is also to be claimed by Valentin. Diane tells a shocked Alexis, “Your long lost brother Valentin inherits the entire Cassadine estate.”

This news comes after Diane managed to get the Greek document translated. Alexis had mentioned previously that Cassadines only let men inherit and that obviously makes Valentin eligible as the only male Cassadine of legal age.

Alexis will be left reeling where she goes home drink her worries away. However, she is also tasked to babysit Danny. Will she suffer consequences from her drinking habits and risk Danny’s safety?

Meanwhile, Sam and Jason comes up with a new theory following the murder of her dad’s driver Pete.

“What did he know that someone would kill to keep him quiet?” Sam says in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 8.

Curtis wonders the same and his voices his thoughts to Julian. He also asks him who might to silence the driver.

Also, more action is about to come for the rest of the characters. Franco will have a steamy moment with Liz but it will be cut off as she receives some bad news. Finn and Brad will get a heated confrontation as well as seen in the preview for the upcoming episode as Finn lashes out for Brad to put down the beaker.

Women also go head to head in General Hospital with Tracy telling Hayden to save the hospital’s finances or else she will be chased out of Port Charles.

Things are about to heat up so do not miss an episode of General Hospital from Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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