Johnny Depp Hated for Casting in ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ Amber Heard’s Alleged Domestic Abuser Deemed Unfit For Role

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Johnny Depp Hated for Casting in ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ Amber Heard’s Alleged Domestic Abuser Deemed Unfit For Role

Johnny Depp, the award-winning 53-year-old actor will be a part of J.K Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in a mysterious role. This is according to a Warner Bros. representative on Tuesday. Right after this publicity, Depp was rained with hostile criticisms. Recently, the actor was accused of domestic violence before his divorce with Amber Heard, and this made a lot of Potter fans adamant of the filmmakers’ decision.

Numerous fans personally messaged the author of the renowned book, J.K Rowling as well as the official social media accounts of the movie franchise to show their aversion. One user said that Johnny Depp is an abuser contradictory to the teachings of Harry Potter about the abuse of power.

Another stated that most Harry Potter fans were survivors and casting Depp hurts them. Several others complained about his successful career, pointing out that the industry must have double standards. One even made a comparison between the Pirates of the Carribean star and Winona Ryder and where the latter suffered so much in her career.

The movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them is grounded on Rowling’s book set in 1962 in New York, set 60 years earlier than the events in Harry Potter. Warner Bros have five films lined for this franchise. The new movie series will retell the history of how a powerful wizard named Gellert Grinderwald rose, leading to ultimate battle with Albus Dumbledore in 1945. Dumbledore will then end up being one of the most popular characters in the original series of books and film.

Amber Heard was 30 years old when Johnny Depp married her in February of 2015. She starred alongside him in a movie entitled Rum Diary. The marriage took place after Depp was separated from Vanessa Paradis, his long-time love. Their relationship bore them two children named Jack and Lily Rose.

Last May, Amber Heard decided to file for divorce, appearing in Los Angeles court, her face bruised as apparent evidence of domestic abuse. She wanted to have a restraining order for Depp at that time, claiming he is the cause of the assault. On August 16, both reached a settlement. Heard was granted $7 million which was given to charity.

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