JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers Wedding Reportedly Not Happening: Jordan ‘Rude’ To ‘The Bachelorette’ Alum

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Planning a wedding is not something that can be done overnight. However, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have not had any progress with their wedding yet after six months since their engagement. Are they just taking their time with the preparations or is it a sign that the wedding is really not happening at all?

The Bachelorette alum’s relationship with the former NFL player has been tainted with doubts even from the start. Speculations that the relationship is not genuine has proliferated the news with claims that Jordan is only in it for the fame. Additionally, he is still on with his playboy habits by keeping his Tinder account despite already being in a relationship with JoJo.

The two have denied multiple times that there is anything wrong with their relationship. In fact, their blooming relationship is well-documented on each other’s social media. But why are rumors not dying down?

A new report says friends of JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers said the two are allegedly always arguing with each other recently. There are also claims that the two would not even walk beside each other during one event.

The insider also claims that Jordan is “rude” to JoJo and it comes to a point where it “seems like he wants to end things” by not “putting in the effort.”

Previously, friends of the two allegedly revealed that they doubt whether the relationship is real or not and they do not even know “what to make of them.”

As per JoJo, she says that people will always have “something negative to say” but she does not feel responsible in proving anything to these people. Regarding their wedding, the real estate developer says both she and Jordan are still “in the process of figuring it all out.”

The planning might take longer as they are enjoying the time where they can be “stress-free” and date in “a normal setting.”

Although nothing is final yet, they had previously stated that Jordan’s brother Aaron, albeit the two being not so close, will obviously be invited. Jordan’s mother has also been helpful to JoJo by sending her wedding books.

Ultimately, if the wedding will not happen, JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers shall keep their word in doing 1,000 jumping jacks if they break up in a year as dared by E! Online. Jordan even promised to do it in a man thong.

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