Kate Middleton, Prince William Reportedly Living Separate Lives: Duchess Allegedly Used Motherhood as Excuse to Skip Royal Duties

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Kate Middleton, Prince William Living Separate Lives; Duchess Uses Motherhood as Excuse to Skip Royal Duties [Rumor]

Kate Middleton has been reported numerous times by several sources to be shirking away from some of her royal engagements.  Now that Remembrance Day is near, many say that the wife of Prince William is again using some excuse to skip some of the events. This includes using her “mommy card.”

Remembrance Day is an important event for all members of the Royal Family, and Prince William and Kate Middleton is no exception. This has been a busy week, packed up with events leading up to Remembrance Day that falls on November 11.

However, reports say that the Duchess of Cambridge is only scheduled to appear in one event, and that is the Festival of Remembrance which will be celebrated on Nov. 13. This leads many to speculate that Middleton pulled up another excuse to get out of her duties.

What’s more, the Duke of Cambridge himself is scheduled to lead the ceremony on the National Act of Remembrance at the Armistice Day Service which will be also be on Nov. 11. He also has two appearances scheduled for November 10, which begs the question, why isn’t the Duchess scheduled to accompany her Prince?

Some think that this could be an effect of the rumor that the Duke and Duchess are living separate lives; indeed there have been separate reports dealing with the matter. However, there also people that think that Middleton pulled the “mom card,” perhaps saying that she needs to stay at home to take care of the kids so she can skip the ceremonies.

Kate Middleton has always wanted to raise her kids with Prince William in a “normal” environment. This would require her to spend lots of time with them, which could explain her absence from several events that require the attendance of the royal family.

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