Killer Clown Attacks: Female Resident From Gloucester Stabbed In Own Home

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Killer Clown Attack: Female Resident From Gloucester Left Injured In Own Home

A woman from Gloucester has been left injured after a “killer clown” attack. Residents are now scared to open their front doors in fear of what will come up to them from the other side.

At the night of Nov. 2, a man wearing a killer clown mask knocks on the window of a female resident in Linden. When the woman opened the door to her Robinhood Street home, she immediately closed it as soon as seeing the man disguised as a clown. However, he managed to put a knife through the letterbox causing a small wound on the woman’s leg.

Investigations are still being conducted on who the culprit is and what is the motive behind the action. Police had also went door to door to find any leads.

One thing is for sure though. Residents of Robinhood Street, Gloucester are now afraid to open their doors.

Susan Royles, a Robinhood Street resident, admits she is scared. She says she is also “apprehensive” as people might find the situation funny and go up to their street.

Regarding the incident, Royles says she is “surprised” as their street is “quite a quiet street really” and news of the “killer clown” attack could put people off.

Another resident, Jinny Searle, says even opening one’s front door can make the residents think twice as they do not know who they will walk up to. Her message to the killer clown pranksters is to “get a life and grow up.”

Meanwhile, the dweller of the attacked home in Gloucester declined to comment on the incident.

A spokesman of Gloucester Constabulary says they have had reports of the killer clown craze around October. Although there is no assurance whether the attack was related to the fad, it is worth noting that it is the first incident where anyone was attacked in their own home and left injured.

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