Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Attraction Real and Lasting; The Pippa Middleton Factor Resurfaces

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Pippa Middleton
Prince Harry’s rumored girlfriend Meghan Markle bears similarities to Pippa Middleton.

Meghan Markle, the rumored girlfriend of Prince Harry, has several similarities to the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister Pippa.

Their photographs, royal watchers have noted, show that they can be mistaken for sisters. Apart from the fact that they are both in their 30s and both adhere to a diet and exercise regimen to stay fit, the two attractive women also have similar fashion choices.

Whether they are wearing go-anywhere dresses or tailored outfits with a youthful vibe, the two women can pull of their looks very well. Interestingly, Meghan has also been compared to Kate Middleton in terms of fashion style.

On hindsight, entertainment writers recall how Prince Harry had easily warmed up to Pippa years ago, enough to send romance rumors swirling. The news did not fly, though. To date, gossipmongers have gone into overdrive again, noting that Meghan Markle’s resemblance to Pippa may be one of the main reasons Prince Harry was smitten with the Suits actress.

Upon closer observation, both Meghan and Pippa not only have facial features and pretty locks that merit a second look, but also fabulous bodies. While one has the edge in terms of softer features, the other makes up for in term so voluptuousness.

The more believable reason Prince Harry may have been attracted to Meghan is because they both can be very passionate towards their work. Prince Harry has been actively involved with conservation efforts and has been spotted in many instances taking part in projects related to wildlife in Africa.

The British royal has also supported youth initiatives, sports, and local community projects. His rumored object of affection, on the other hand, serves as women’s advocate for political participation and leadership.

The Prince Harry-and-Meghan Markle dating news first gained ground when eagle-eyed royal watchers noticed that they wore similar bracelets.  Meghan’s cryptic posts in social media fueled speculation that she was “in a relationship” with the Prince.

Photo Source:  mindbodygreen/Twitter

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