Russia vs USA War Scenario: Hillary Clinton’s Antagonism Towards Russia Might Spur Nuclear War

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Russia vs USA War Scenario Imminent? Hillary Clinton Allegedly Antagonistic Towards Russia

People all over the world are afraid of the impending doom as news that the conflict between Russia vs USA might lead to World War 3 are circulating. Even though war is not an option, the strengths of both countries should be noted. Hypothetical war scenarios were all over the internet from their top killer military weapons to strategic tactics.

The tension between Russia vs USA is likely to escalate in 2017, according to Jacob Shapiro, Director of Analysis for Geopolitical Futures. He added that, no matter who wins the presidential election, it is unlikely that tension between the US and Russia are going to ease up.

“The geopolitical situation for both of them does not have tensions decreasing at all. If anything, I think Russia is preparing to get more assertive and the United States is going to stand against them,” he said.

Furthermore, Clinton plans to be tough with Russia if she wins the presidential race. She will not likely improve the US-Russia relationship. She will reportedly be more antagonistic to Russia, which is expected to happen. According to an exclusive report by NBC News, the American Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton claimed that Russia is behind the email hacking to destroy her presidential candidacy.

The US allegedly hacked Russia’s telecommunication networks and power grinds. Russian Foreign Minister Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova published a statement on a website, “If no official reaction from the American administration follows, it would mean state cyber-terrorism exists in the US.” The statement also added that Moscow would be justified in charging Washington, should threats of the attack are carried out as publicized by the US media.

Tensions are still rising, which makes a Russia vs USA war scenario likely. It started because of the issues involving Syria and Ukraine. But the Director of Analysis for Geopolitical Futures, Jacob Shapiro pointed out that there is actually a bit of cooperation between the two rival countries.

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