Starbucks CEO Allegedly Admits Luring Customers into Satanism with New Christmas Cup Design

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Say what?! Rumors are going around that Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz confessed that he was luring customers into satanism with the brand’s new holiday cup designs.

Apparently, a site named The Dandy Goat published an article regarding the new design of the new Starbucks Christmas cups. The cup design changed from snowflakes to a solid red, and the chain supposedly confirmed that they were going forward with a plot to lure customers into Satanism.

Starbucks was also said to come out with devil-themed holiday mugs as well as plans for a latte named “Lucifer’s delight,” which they halted for the time being. According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, he said that those claims were completely founded. This led everyone thinking that Starbucks was trying to get its customers to deny their Christian faith and go into satanism.

Fortunately, those claims are totally false. The whole story turned out to be completely fabricated, as The Dandy Goat is a satirical website. The claim that the Starbucks CEO wanted to get more people into satanism was only a parody of the Christmas cup scandal back in 2015.

The previous scandal with the new cup designs in Starbucks started when they changed the design to a plain dark red.

Looks plain, right?

Apparently, it was not to some people. Some praised the chain for going minimalistic with their holiday cups, but some were outraged because they thought the change in tone of the red signified a “war on Christmas.” This scandal resulted in the term “cupgate” and different brands made use of this to promote and sell their holiday themed products.

So much for those who really practice satanism. It seems like they will not be able to welcome any new followers any time soon. In the meantime, everyone can go back to enjoying their holiday drinks, partially sighing in relief that those claims were completely false.

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