Summer Zervos Allegedly Paid $500,000 To Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

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Summer Zervos Paid $500,000 To Accuse Donald Trump of Sexual Assault? Democrat Fundraise, Gloria Allred Responsible?

Summer Zervos, one of the women who came forward to accuse Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of sexual assault, was allegedly bribed for $500,000 to fabricate the accusation. Is there any truth to the claim?

A groundless article published by Got News stated Summer Zervos was paid to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault. According to the said report, a Democrat fundraiser and lawyer Gloria Allred is responsible for the accusations against Trump. The deal was even passed around to other ex contestants of The Apprentice.

Allegedly, Allred paid Zervos $500,000 for the accusations that will be paid out “slowly over time.”

The report was not backed with any evidence to support it and only the claims of an unidentified source which the site claims is familiar with the matter as basis. This article is debunked by as a hoax.

The former The Apprentice contestant came forward on October to accuse Trump of sexual harassment that occurred in 2007. According to Zervos, she met the businessman with expectations of discussing job opportunities. However, the meetings ended with Trump groping and aggressively kissing her twice on different occasions.

Trump had denied the allegations and says he “vaguely remembers” Summer Zervos who is “one of the many contestants of The Apprentice over the years.” He says he has “never met” Zervos or “greeted her inappropriately.”

Allred, Zervos’ lawyer and a women’s rights activist, says she had spoken with people whom Zervos had told the incident about during the time. One of them is a social worker named Ann Russo, who corroborates that Zervos had indeed talked about the incident five years ago, long before Donald Trump’s announcement to run as president.

Regarding the baseless article of Summer Zervos is paid for the sexual harassment accusations against Donald Trump, Allred says it is a “malicious lie.” She adds that whoever is spreading the lie is aware that it is a deceit thus the anonymous identity and will be held accountable if she finds out who they are.

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