U.S. Election 2016 Results: Donald Trump Wins Presidency, Pledges To ‘Be President For All Americans’

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Donald Trump triumphs as the 45th president of the United States in the U.S. Election 2016. The President-elect’s unexpected wider demographic influence helped propel the Republican candidate towards the White House while Hillary Clinton faces stunning loss for Democrats.

It had been a close fight for the two presidentiables, but in stunning sweep, Mr. Trump has emerged as the victor. He has garnered 276 electoral votes as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s 218.

As Donald Trump comes up on stage for his New York victory speech, chants of “USA! USA!” can be heard from the crowd.

To start off, he informed the cheering crowd that he just “received a call from Secretary Clinton” where she “congratulated us – this is about us – on our victory.” He also graciously congratulated his vanquished rival and her family “for a very, very hard-fought campaign.”

The U.S. Election 2016 has served as a historic achievement for the business mogul and what comes with this triumph is Trump’s pledge to “be president for all Americans.” He is aware of “a few people” who chose not to support him but he is “reaching out” for them “to unify our great country.”

Now that the 2016 presidential race is over, he tells “Democrats and Republicans and independents” that it is the time to “bind wounds of division” and “come together as one united people.”

Donald Trump says what propelled his victory towards the White House is not his campaign but his “movement” that touched “all people of different backgrounds and beliefs.”

Trump also promises that “America will no longer settle for anything less than the best.” The U.S. Election 2016 may be over, but Donald Trump is aware that his “work on this movement is now really just beginning.”

Donald Trump’s running mate and vice president elect Mike Pence announces, “The American People have elected their new champion.” He says it is a “historic night” and he is “humbled” by the events the unfolded.

“I love my country,” President-elect Donald Trump concludes his victory remarks.

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