Angelina Jolie Reportedly Blamed for Brad Pitt’s Isolation From Family and Close Friends

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Brad Pitt Losing Contact with Family and Close Friends Because of Angelina Jolie?

Brad Pitt has been dealing with a lot of gossip since the day Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. According to recent reports, the actor does not have any friends left, no one to reach out to, and his situation with Jolie is to blame for that.

It was said that Brad Pitt lost his close circle of friends while he got married with Jolie because they could not stand the cold and distant actress. Pitt is having a hard time communicating with his friends and family now that the couple has divorced. Even the actor’s Hollywood friends are not giving him all the help he needs, all because Jolie removed everyone from the actor’s life.

More speculations suggest that Angelina Jolie is also the reason why the actor is no longer close with his extended family in Missouri. The actress could not stand travelling to the state to visit her husband’s family. Because of this news, followers have become unsympathetic to Jolie.

However, Gossip Cop declared that the actor has not been abandoned by his close friends and family because of Jolie, despite the many enduring reports. The website claimed that it is totally fabricated.

“We’re told it’s false,” said the gossip-busting columnist Andrew Shuster. Even if these allegations have zero sources, the website confirmed with a source, who knew the situation, that the news was “fake.”

The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce has provided thousands of gossips. Speculations and news are continuously spreading on what actually caused the couple’s breakup, since Jolie and Pitt have limited their words about the actual split-up and custody battle in public.

Lately we have seen Jolie pushing for full custody of the kids. The custody proceedings are still well underway; however, both have said that their main concern is the well being of their children.

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