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‘General Hospital’ Nov. 8 Spoilers: Hayden, Danny Life in Danger; Michael, Nelle Gets Closer

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Lives are endangered in General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 9. What challenges will the Port Charles citizens face this time?

Accidents can be life-threatening and two people will but put at risk. First off, Hayden is in danger. Finn freaks out after seeing the spilled chemicals and the cut on her hand. Deducing that the liquid contains the same pathogen that killed his wife Reiko, Finn will be on a mission to save lives before time runs out.

General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 9 also reveal Danny will be at risk due to Alexis’ boozing habits. Alexis is tasked to babysit her grandson. After picking up Danny from Monica’s house, they went home to bond over baking cookies. However, Alexis has been drinking at the same time.

Alexis fell asleep while waiting for the cookies and accidentally left little Danny to fend for himself. As the oven alarm goes off, Danny goes to the kitchen for his sweets. Alexis will be greeted with smoke when she wakes up while her grandson is nowhere in sight.

Will Danny get in serious danger? And how will Sam react to her mother letting Danny be at risk because of her drinking habits?

Meanwhile, Michael and Nelle grow closer with each other. Feeling that Nelle shares concern with his family, Michael confides to Nelle that he feels guilty over Morgan’s death. If only he had acted differently, his younger brother would have still been alive. Nelle comforts him by saying that he should give himself a break as there are many factors that caused Morgan’s demise.

Another set of General Hospital spoilers for Nov. 9 suggest some light shed on what happened to Claudette. Nathan gets a message that confirms Claudette is in danger which he will immediately inform Maxie. One person they suspect is no other than Valentin.

General Hospital airs from Monday to Friday on ABC.

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