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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 9 Spoilers: Jim, Harvey Suspect Barnes, Isabella Goes Missing

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Captain Barnes is in hot water in Episode 9 of Gotham Season 3. According to spoilers, Jim and Harvey will start to question his motives meanwhile Isabella has gone missing.

Previously, Captain Barnes unfortunately came into contact with Alice’s blood. Everyone knows full well that her blood can somewhat unleash a person’s true nature or bring to life the dark sides of their personality. Barnes has always been a person who goes by the book which was probably why he became a police captain in the first place. However, as seen in the previous episodes of Gotham Season 3, that principle he holds is already broken.

Barnes has gone mad, and spoilers reveal that Jim and Harvey are starting to think that something is not right. Previously, Jim Gordon was reinstated in the GCPD after a psychedelic trip that seemingly put some sense back into him.

However, as the last scene of the previous episode showed, Symon the plastic surgeon was thrown out of a building during Lee and Mario’s engagement party.

He muttered “Barnes” to answer Jim’s question of who did that to him before he seemingly died. This raises Jim’s suspicions and as the promo shows, Barnes has picked up on that as well, and leads to a stand-off between the two men.

But that is only half of what is about to happen in Gotham Season 3. Spoilers say that Ed sets out to look for Isabella, who has mysteriously gone missing. As the previous episode revealed, Oswald asked one of his henchmen to cut the brakes of her car out of jealousy. Oswald loves Ed, but Ed loves Isabella, and Oswald is not one to share.

Knowing that Ed is pretty smart and can figure what is going on easily, it will not be long before he finds out that Oswald is the reason for her disappearance. Unless Oswald is smart enough to cover up the evidence, Ed might not suspect him…right away, that is. If Isabella is found to be dead, then that is two of Ed’s girlfriends six feet under.

Meanwhile, Ivy finally tells Bruce and Selina who she really is, but that will come with a price.

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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